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Requirements & FAQs

If the application process seems unclear, please take a moment

If you need further business license assistance, please contact the office.


 Who is required to have a license?

Any person who conducts business  in the City must obtain a business license. Conducting business in the City without a license can result in penalties, notice of violations, citations, and finally, court action.

 When does the license expire?

For Existing Businesses:

The DBA license is valid for a calendar year. (January 1 until December 31st)

For New Businesses: 

The DBA license is valid from the open date to December 31st.

*All DBA Licenses must be renewed annually.


 Will the City notify me when to renew my license?

Yes, the City will mail out a DBA license renewal application at the end of the year. However, it is the owner's responsibility to submit the application whether or not it is received. Penalities are assessed for delinquent business accounts if a renewal notice is not received.

 What if I don't have a burglary/robbery alarm system?

The burglary/robbery alarm application must be returned clearly stating that an alarm system is not installed at the business.  The alarm system fees will not be applicable. 

Subsequently, if an alarm system is installed at a later time, please contact the city hall to obtain an alarm system application.


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